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Thrivent SELECT Managed Portfolios

Growth for accumulation
These portfolios1, built by Thrivent Asset Management, LLC are fully diversified and are focused on asset accumulation. They are designed for a range of risk tolerances, to help you continue meeting your financial goals as they evolve over time.

Key points 

Strategic & tactical allocations

Thrivent Asset Management, LLC (TAM) conducts extensive quantitative research to build longterm strategic models calibrated for multiple risk levels. Senior leadership meets regularly to discuss and determine tactical allocations based on current and expected market conditions as well as macroeconomic factors, technical indicators and fundamental data.

Style-pure security selections

TAM uses a sophisticated manager selection process intended to identify style-pure managers with consistent risk-adjusted performance that we feel are most likely to outperform over a full market cycle. This helps to ensure that the portfolios will consistently provide desired market exposures that align with TAM’s overall market views.

Mix of active & passive     

While TAM believes in active management, we recognize the benefits of passive exposure and follow a hybrid approach which uses both management styles. Passive holdings help keep expenses low, provide tactical exposures to specific asset classes, help facilitate trades within the models and may act as a hedge to active holdings. 

How does TAM manage and allocate the model portfolios?

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The quantitative analytics team builds diversified models based on long-term strategic target allocations.

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Ongoing changes to tactical allocations are made based on current market conditions and outlook.

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Manager selection focuses on style-pure, consistent performers.


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1 Before June 1, 2019, Thrivent Managed Portfolios were offered through Thrivent Investment Management, Inc, an affiliate of Thrivent Asset Management, LLC. Thrivent Asset Management, LLC personnel comprised a committee that made investment recommendations for these portfolios to Thrivent Investment Management during that time. Since the same investment personnel are involved, Thrivent Asset Management, LLC Model Portfolio performance includes results from the periods the portfolios were offered by Thrivent Investment Management.


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Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. The prospectus and summary prospectus for the securities within the model portfolios contain more complete information on the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information of the fund, which investors should read and carefully consider before investing. To obtain prospectuses and summary prospectuses, contact your Regional Investment Consultant or call 800-521-5308.


Thrivent Asset Management, LLC’s role is providing sponsors of managed accounts with non-discretionary investment advice in the form of model portfolios. The implementation of or reliance on a model portfolio is at the discretion of the managed account sponsor. Thrivent Asset Management, LLC is not providing personalized investment advice or investment recommendations and will not make any representations about the suitability of a model portfolio for any investor. The information provided is also not intended as a source for tax, legal or accounting advice. Please consult with a legal and/or tax professional for specific information regarding your individual situation. Thrivent Managed Accounts information is intended for use only by third-party adviser firms in conjunction with their management of their clients’ accounts. The information about the Thrivent Managed Accounts is confidential and should not be disclosed, copied or used for any other purpose. Thrivent Asset Management, LLC does not have investment discretion over, or place trade orders for any portfolio derived from this information.


Thrivent Managed Accounts may include Thrivent Mutual Funds. Thrivent Asset Management, LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser, serves as investment adviser and administrator to the Thrivent Mutual Funds and receives fees for its services as disclosed in the applicable  prospectuses and Statement of Additional Information. Thrivent Managed Accounts may include Thrivent Mutual Funds managed by Thrivent Asset Management, LLC, which may create a conflict of interest. Thrivent and its subsidiaries may earn distribution and other fees, including 12b-1 fees, in connection with Thrivent Mutual Funds. At this time, Thrivent Asset Management does not receive any direct fees for the provision of model portfolios, although it could receive such fees if negotiated with the program sponsor. For more information about potential conflicts of interest, read the Thrivent Asset Management, LLC Form ADV – Part 2 Brochure. The distributor for Thrivent Mutual Funds is Thrivent Distributors, LLC, a registered broker-dealer and member FINRA. Thrivent Distributors, LLC and Thrivent Asset Management, LLC are subsidiaries of Thrivent, the marketing name for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.


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