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COVID-19: Collectively calm

Insights and clarity to help keep your investors moving forward through market uncertainty.


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Our funds have star power. In fact, with a number of funds earning 4- and 5-star ratings, it’s more like Morningstar power.

Why active management now? It made a difference in the past two market crashes

As the economy quakes in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, stock market investors are bracing for an extended period of volatility. Could this be the time to consider actively-managed funds?

Performance driven.

Investors come to you for help achieving long-term goals. Our long-term investment approach dives deep into market influences to maximize opportunities that help meet those needs.


Investing in action


Neel Kashkari, Pres. Of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, shares his thoughts on interest rates with Thrivent Mutual Funds Chief Investment Officer David Royal. This edited video from 11/5/2019 is for educational & informational purposes only. Mr. Kashkari’s participation does not constitute an endorsement of any organization, product or service.


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