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A family of actively managed mutual funds with a track record of competitive performance.

We believe in firm foundations

Learn what Thrivent Income Fund (LBIIX) may offer investors or explore our entire fixed income lineup.

Q&A with the manager:
Thrivent Income Fund

Kent White, CFA, VP of Fixed Income Mutual Funds, describes current fixed-income opportunities, how he’s positioned Thrivent Income Fund as a result, and how the Fund stacks up against its peers.

A look ahead: 2024 outlook

Interest rates and inflation. If we are right in our view that inflation could fall faster than usual, and the U.S. economy manages to muddle through the lagged effect of monetary tightening over the course of 2024, it will have navigated one of the most aggressive U.S. Federal Reserve tightening cycles in 50 years without falling into recession. That is no small accomplishment. Indeed, it begs a question: If tightening cycles usually end in recessions, why would we think it will be different this time?

Capital Markets Perspective

Side-by-side photo collage of four panelists featured on Asset TV's “Masterclass: Fixed Income” episode.


Watch Asset TV’s “Masterclass: Fixed Income”

Earn one free continuing education credit while learning the latest in fixed income with this panel discussion featuring Thrivent Head of Fixed Income and Vice President of Mutual Funds, Kent White.

Performance driven.


Investors come to you for help achieving long-term goals. Our long-term investment approach dives deep into market influences to maximize opportunities that help meet those needs.


We actively manage our funds.
And our phones. And our inboxes.

We actively manage our funds.
And our phones. And our inboxes.



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