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Our achievements

A legacy of putting investors first.

Your clients count on you. You count on products and services proven to help meet their goals. For half a century, Thrivent Mutual Funds has provided financial professionals with the funds and thoughtful investment approach needed to help advance their client portfolios. Our record of industry recognition offers you—and your clients—added clarity and perspective on our historical performance.


Proud to be named one of the 2020 World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere

Thrivent has been recognized nine years in a row. In 2020, 132 honorees were recognized spanning 21 countries and 51 industries. Thrivent was one of five honorees in the financial services industry.


Thrivent Mutual Funds is honored to have been ranked among Barron’s Best Fund Families multiple times.

Rankings for each year are based on performance for the 1-, 5- and 10-year periods, ending on December 31st of each year listed.


• 45th of 55 Best Fund Family Category — 1-year

• 14th of 52 Best Fund Family Category — 5-year

• 18th of 45 Best Fund Family Category — 10-year


• 4th of 57 in Best Fund Family Category — 1-year

• 3rd of 55 in Best Fund Family Category — 5-year

• 16th of 49 in Best Fund Family Category — 10-year


• 34th of 59 in Best Mutual Fund Family Category — 1-year

• 5th of 55 in Best Mutual Fund Family Category — 5-year

• 23rd of 50 in Best Mutual Fund Family Category — 10-year


• 13th of 61 in Best Mutual Fund Family Category — 1-year

• 8th of 54 in Best Mutual Fund Family Category — 5-year

• 38th of 53 in Best Mutual Fund Family Category — 10-year


• 3rd of 67 in Best Mutual Fund Family Category — 1-year

• 36th of 58 in Best Mutual Fund Family Category — 5-year

• 45th of 52 in Best Mutual Fund Family Category — 10-year

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

“World’s Most Ethical Companies” and “Ethisphere” names and marks are registered trademarks of Ethisphere LLC. For details, visit

Methodology: Barron’s rankings are based on asset-weighted returns in five categories — US equity funds; world equity funds (including international and global portfolios); mixed equity funds (which invest in stocks, bonds and other securities); taxable bond funds; and tax-exempt funds — as calculated by Lipper. Barron’s did not include sales charges in calculating returns. Each fund’s return was measured against those of all funds in its Lipper category, resulting in a percentile ranking which was then weighted by asset size, relative to the fund family’s other assets in its general classification. If a family’s biggest funds do well, that boosts its overall ranking; poor performance in its biggest funds hurts a firm’s ranking. To qualify for Lipper/ Barron’s Fund Survey, a group must have had at least three funds in Lipper’s general equity category, one world equity category, one mixed-asset (such as balanced or target-date fund), at least two taxable-bond funds and one national tax-exempt bond fund. Beginning in 2017, previously excluded single-sector and country equity funds are factored into the rankings as general equity. The rankings exclude all passive index funds, including pure index, enhanced index and index-based, but include actively managed ETFs and so-called smart-beta ETFs, which are passively managed but created from active strategies.

Sources: Source: Barron’s, “Best Fund Families for 2019,” February 17, 2020; “Best Fund Families for 2018,” March 8, 2019; “Best Fund Families for 2017,” March 10, 2018; “Best Fund Families for 2016,” February 13, 2017; and “Best Fund Families for 2015,” February 8, 2016.