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About Thrivent Asset Management

Helping investors build better financial futures

We invest in potential

Since 1970, Thrivent has provided investment products covering a range of financial goals. To meet ever-changing investment demands, our experienced fund managers and fundamental research teams actively track qualitative and quantitative trends. Our investment professionals form their own independent positions, drawing from their expertise, and informed by facts and data. We continually evolve our process to manage the investments entrusted to us. It's all part of our performance-first investment philosophy, driven by understanding the necessary actions to take at the right time. And, making the best decisions for your clients' financial outcomes. We care about your success and that of your clients. Simply put, your potential is our purpose.

Actively managed by real people, for real people

140+ professionals

Thrivent Asset Management employs more than 140 investment professionals

20+ years

Over 50% professionals have more than 20 years of investment experience

100+ credentialed

Over 100, or more than 80%, have a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, an advanced degree, or both

Our philosophy sets us apart

Research driven

We use qualitative & fundamental proprietary research to build models and support our assumptions.

Style pure

Within each of our actively-managed funds, we seek to stay true to the fund’s investment style box.

Investors, not traders

We have a strong conviction in consistent, long-term investing over short-term trading.

High ratings

Our integrity drives a history of funds that have received a 4- or 5-star Overall Morningstar RatingTM based on risk-adjusted performance.


We exhibit the humility to engage with others who think differently.

Independent thinkers

We use data and research to support our methods of thinking and defend our viewpoints.

Get to know key elements of our asset management process

Gold outline of a pie with a slice cut out.

Portfolio management

Our experienced fund managers actively determine which securities to buy and sell in order to construct well-diversified portfolios.

Gold outline of two stacks of coins with an arrow pointing from one stack to the other.

Strategic asset allocation

We use various sophisticated portfolio optimization strategies based on risk and return expectations, mathematical models and statistical analysis to develop long-term strategic asset allocation targets for our products.

Gold outline of a three people watching a presentation.

Tactical investment decisions

We use our knowledge, experience, and the latest market and economic data to form views and make decisions in an effort to stay on top of ever-changing market conditions.

Gold outline of a head with a lightbulb within it.

Company research

Our analysts perform an intensive review of the companies within their sectors by meeting with management, examining financial statements, and assessing each company’s competitiveness and long-term prospects.

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Risk management

We strive to keep our funds within certain parameters and guidelines so that the risks remain consistent with each fund’s investment objective.

Meet our investment experts

Setting our course

Our leadership team brings depth of experience and breadth of knowledge to foster clarity, consistency, and innovative thinking.

Driving our funds

Our fund managers specialize within their respective asset classes, applying established methods to future opportunities.

Powering our research

Our analysts don’t rely on sell side research; instead they dig in and come to conclusions based on their own research methods.

Your dependable ally

At Thrivent Asset Management, we take our role as a dependable ally to heart. It means going to great lengths on all fronts of the investing world. In our endless pursuit of opportunity, we analyze the data exhaustively. Because the real finds lie below the surface.

Investment & market insights

Read, watch, and listen to portfolio managers and investment leaders through curated up-to-date articles, videos, and podcasts.

Contact us

Submit a request and one of our consultants will be in touch with you within one business day.